Intellectual Property Issue with “ThatEvilOne” aka Nico Bassanese

A quite inconvinience topic, but I preferr to be as transparret as possible.

After many of you contacted me with helpful feedback on what I think is a violation of the Cyberrat’s IP I decided that the best course of action for Mortian and the greatest value for my customers is to focus on my own strengths. I have already contacted Patreon and tried to removed the IP violation complaint, regardless of it’s validity, in order to focus on the creation of new products. I will continue to adhere to my own standard of purchasing art and/or unique IPs from artists and I will ask and credit everyone before using their pictures of painted miniatures on my social media accounts. That said, lets move forward and make some great models.

If you are interested in all the details, this is the history of events:

History of events


Hannes, a German artist created an illustration of Sci-Fi Rats. At this time he was the owner of the copyright and IP.


Nico Bassense created an head model an offered the parts on thingiverse and/or Patreon.


I bought the IP rights from Hannes in order to produce miniatures. I also askedHannes to create around 20 additional skatches and paintings for more models. The IP of all these sketches were transferred to Mortian. The images were published on Facebook and Instagram.


Nicco Bassenese contacted me via Facebook to show me his Sci-Fi Rat models. I asked him to change the design of the helmets to avoid any IP issues. He confirmed in other groups and forums that his design is based on the illustrations from Hannes. After that initial message I did not receive any answer.

In the middle of 2020 Nico started a Kickstarter Campain a month before the Cyberrats Kickstarter Campain. He also offered the models on his Patreon Account.

I asked Patreon to block the release of the two models wich (in my opinion) violate my IP. Patreon blocked the complete account from him. My intention was not to get his complete account blocked but Patreon decided to do so.

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