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Your order will be prepared to ship within 24 hours of payment. A separate e-mail will be sent to you with shipping details.
Average shipping times by region:
Germany: 2-3 days
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NOTE: If a package is delayed by customs delivery may take an additional 4-6 weeks.

Something is missing or broken

Even though we strive to provide the highest possible quality products and service, parts may be damaged during shipping. If parts are damaged or missing when you receive your order please send an email to detailing the deficiency and we will send you replacement parts.

Release dates of previewed products

Quality design and quality manufacturing both take time. While quality is our priority we also work hard to speed up the process from design to production as much as possible.

We need tank support !!!

About Mortian

Markus Ortenburger

Markus Ortenburger

Head of everything

I worked part time for GamesWorkshop and other scale model companies in the past and as a projectmanager for automotive companies like Webasto and BMW. But now it is time for my own project.... Tanks.

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Listen to me, men! Listen to me you fearless devils! Drop troops of the Empire of Man! You defiant bastards who spit in fear’s face, bringing death to what lurks in the darkest places of Read more…

Mortian Drop Infantry

Mortian Drop Infantry 10 different poses multiple arm options for commanders, heavy weapons, communication, etc… Backpacks and Jumppacks additional special and heavy weapons    

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