Cyberrat Release Plan

This is the release plan for the Cyberrat miniature range. All the items will be password protected for the first two weeks so that Kickstarter supporter can buy them first. After the two weeks the password protection is removed and the items are abailable for everyone.

Please also note that this is a plan and all plans will change sooner or later.

Middle to end of November:

  • Standard Rats scale 100% (rifle, lasergun and shotgun)
  • Rat Leader
  • Rat Ogre shooting pose 1 and 3 (pose 2 is currently reworked)
  • Hunter small
  • Hunter big

Middle to end of December:

  • Mounted rat gunner
  • Mounted rat lord
  • maybe: Rat Ogres with close combat weapons

Middle to end of January:

  • Rat Ogres with close combat weapons
  • Runners

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