Listen to me, men! Listen to me you fearless devils! Drop troops of the Empire of Man! You defiant bastards who spit in fear’s face, bringing death to what lurks in the darkest places of the void!

I want to set the record straight lest any of you doubt! Lest any of you question your own faith in humanity, and your righteous zeal falter! I’ve heard it whispered by the heretics, no doubt we all have, that these beasts, of which we are here to engage, are the descendants of men! Such heresy is madness! Let none question the truth! These vermin were never men, nor their ancestors. Doubtless, such claims are indicative of a lost and depraved mind, no longer able to cling to even the thinnest shred of sanity. Mankind has genetically adapted species to inhabit harsh worlds for millennia.

There’s no secret or malice in that fact, but the deceit grows from that kernel of truth… Let all doubt be cast off today. These are no brothers of ours!

The truth laid bare is that these creatures are the unholy result of forbidden practices. The result of illicit technology and methods. They are distortions of life from our realm into something grotesque and unrecognizable. Mutants! Abominations! Even these words are too generous!

The same perverse warptech that enabled their birth within this forgotten facility has warped their minds far beyond the instinct of beasts or even the most far gone heretic. A mere heretic has departed the light of truth, while these creatures were born in the darkness itself, and have never known the light.

They were spawned by the very madness of those who had previously rejected truth. There is no good, no redemption in them, so do not open yourselves to deceit by looking for it!

This foe is able to adapt to any condition and will consume practically anything for what little sustenance they require. In the festering swamps below they thrive. Some claim the planet itself induces madness. But I assure you that a sound, vigilant and faithful mind is the best, the only defense against our enemy on this blighted world.

Good soldiers of mankind, do not believe the lies of the cults. Such plague ridden abominations could have no origin from the pure seeds of Terra. The idea that such is even possible is the true heresy of these Cyber-Rats.

-Grand Marshal Cronus Creagh

Address to the 3rd Drop Infantry Corp in orbit around the Cyber-Rat infested home world of Cravus.

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  1. Benjamin Farren says:

    I have a question. Will you ever consider making infantry conversion kits? Having an army with lasguns and armor going along with the tank styles would be really cool

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