Mortian Crawler Tank / Wheeled Tank Multikit



This kit provides the following assembly options:

1. A transport vehicle with a small turret that may be assembled opened or closed.
2. A MBT with a horizontally and vertically movable turret.
3. An artillery vehicle with an optional cover to build an enclosed variant.

Additionally, this kit includes two optional heavy armor plates for the turret, a short and long barrel, and two muzzle breaks. All three options include two side sponsons, and three movable doors. This kit can be built with either legs or wheels (three or four axles).

This kit is currently in pre-production with an estimated release at the end of October.

11 thoughts on “Mortian Crawler Tank / Wheeled Tank Multikit

  1. Rasmus Wittsell says:

    I bought several of the original Mortian tank years ago and that model is impressive. I will certainly buy a few of these crawler / wheeled tank after it is released. And I will likely configure is as APC.

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