Mortian Drop Infantry (Update 24.03.20)

Mortian Drop Infantry release plan:

January 2020:

  • 10 different poses for infantry models with short and long assault rifles (including optional  scopes and silencers)
  • multiple special arm options with close comabat weapons, hand gestures, carrying equipment etc…
  • modular Heavy Weapon Teams
  • Backpacks and Jumppacks

February 2020:

  • additional shotguns for most poses
  • additional 4 special weapons for most poses

March 2020:

  • 2 legged Heavy Weapon Walker (unmanned)
  • additional pose for Rocket Launcher team

April / Mai 2020:

  • Stationary Heavy Weapon Platforms
  • light vehicles
  • 2 legged Heavy Weapon Walker (with Pilot)

Depending on the success of the project:

  • additional pose for Heavy Weapon Troppers
  • Exoskeleton Heavy Weapon Team




    2 thoughts on “Mortian Drop Infantry (Update 24.03.20)

    1. b.whitacre1138 says:

      Are their pistol arms or signal hands?

      Also, saw the long and short rifle version…are there pictures of the long gun?

      Incredible work! Can’t wait for more!

    2. Sgt.Harker says:

      Incredible cool looking units. I saw it and have fallen in love directly.
      Keep going!
      And, I´m looking for Command Squat 😉

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