Medium Tank Chassis (Ø25mm)

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The kit includes one Medium Tank Chassis with the following options:

  • 3 different weapon options fot the front weapon
  • 4 different weapon options fot the optional side sponses
  • 6 different side armor panels or plain side armor panels
  • optional fuel drums to put on the back of the vehicle

Rough dimensions are:

  • length:    15cm / 6″
  • width:       8cm / 3″
  • height:  4,5cm / 1,7″

Diameter for turrets is 25mm

A bottom plate is not included

Final product may vary slightly from the pictures.

Product comes unassembled and unpainted. Rework like deburring, grinding, bending and filling  of components is neccessary to ensure fitting parts.


Product is delivered unassembled and unpainted. Deburring, grinding, bending, filling and other work may be necessary to ensure parts fit properly.

The models are for expirienced modellers only. We do not recommend them for children under 15 years of age. Always be careful and protect yourself. Dont cut towards your fingers and cover your eyes and hair when working with electric machines like rotary grinders.

Some detials might by slightly different than shown on the pictures.

Use a respirator when grinding, sanding or sawing resin. Do not swallow or chew any resin parts.

Resin dust is harmful when inhaled. Dusts may cause temporary mechanical irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Accidental ingestion may cause illness or irritation to the mouth and gastrointestinal tract.

Avoid generating dust; fine dust dispersed in air in sufficient concentrations and in the presence of an ignition source is a potential dust explosion hazed. On combustion, may emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide (CO).


Risk of inhalation can be mitigated by taking certain precautions. When sanding polyurethane resin, use wet sandpaper to reduce the amount of airborne dust, and always wear a filter mask and safety goggles. Gloves and a long-sleeved shirt are also a good idea to reduce skin exposure. The room in which you are working should be well-ventilated. If you begin experiencing any adverse reactions while sanding polyurethane resin, you should contact a physician immediately.

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    4 reviews for Medium Tank Chassis (Ø25mm)

    1. Paul M

      Best tank model I’ve had the pleasure to get my hands on.
      Crisp cast, intelligent layout of parts, lots of weapon options.
      A joy to build, would recommend to a friend.

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    2. Till

      Sehr guter Bausatz. Viele Details und die Gussqualität des Resins ist ausgezeichnet.

      Verified purchase. Find out more

    3. adrian.hawthorn

      At first i was hesitant in buying a new range of tanks, but after seeing all the pictures of this online, i had to get one (two in fact) for myself, and after putting it together i think this is one of my favourite tanks ive bought since They stopped calling my Boi’s the Imperial Guard!!

      The kit does require a bit of experience in building kits for those who are not experienced in build resin kits this can seem like a daunting task, but the End result is Amazing.


      Verified purchase. Find out more

    4. tomasz.stoly

      Despite some warping issues, this is probably the best tank kit I have ever seen… It does require some skill, but the result is just outstanding. Currently painting it and I am having so much fun!

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