Super Heavy Warcrawler

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The Super Heavy Warcrawler kit will include several weapon- and individualization- options:

Main weapon:

  • short single barreled kinetic gun
  • long single barreled kinetic gun
  • long double barreled kinetic gun
  • single barreled laser gun
  • double barreled laser gun
  • mega gattling gun
  • mega plasma gun

secondary weapons:

  • 6x double barreled heavy machine gun
  • 6x single barreled heavy machine gun
  • 6x laser gun
  • 4x plasma gun

other parts:

  • two main weapon mounts for the fixed gun version
  • several covers on top
  • 180° changeable front insert
  • optional access hatch for the front

The smaller legs are fully moveable. The big legs have one moving joint.

release date: July



Vandebosch Valentin · 24/05/2019 at 14:11

Hello there, will there be a preorder for the warcrawler ? I really want to buy one for my admech army.

Kind regards.

    MarkusOrtenburger · 28/05/2019 at 09:40

    Yes Soon there will be a preorder possible.

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