Super Heavy Warcrawler

The Super Heavy Warcrawler kit will include several weapon- and individualization- options:

Main weapon:

  • short single barreled kinetic gun
  • long single barreled kinetic gun
  • long double barreled kinetic gun
  • single barreled laser gun
  • double barreled laser gun
  • mega gattling gun
  • mega plasma gun

secondary weapons:

  • 6x double barreled heavy machine gun
  • 6x single barreled heavy machine gun
  • 6x laser gun
  • 4x plasma gun

other parts:

  • two main weapon mounts for the fixed gun version
  • several covers on top
  • 180° changeable front insert
  • optional access hatch for the front

The smaller legs are fully moveable. The big legs have one moving joint.

release date: July


4 thoughts on “Super Heavy Warcrawler

  1. Vandebosch Valentin says:

    Hello there, will there be a preorder for the warcrawler ? I really want to buy one for my admech army.

    Kind regards.

    • MarkusOrtenburger says:

      For obvious reasons vertical movement is not possible. You have to glue the legs in one position otherwise the model will lay on its belly.

      Horizontal movement is possible with some adjustments:

      Front and rear legs: I would recomend to install an additional small bolt to prevent the shoulders from popping out of the housings.

      Middle legs: Here you definitely need an additional bolt as pivot point.

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